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Meetup #97: Blockchain – Changing The World Around Us

“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” – Don Tapscott. Blockchain technology has been hailed as everything from the renaissance of money to the new internet. Early adopters are looking for ways to apply the technology, with use cases currently focused on financial services at the industry level, and even in terms of new forms of governance at the discipline level. This meetup aims to present an overview of this fascinating technology. REGISTER NOW Blockchain – Changing The World Around Us Join us on November 14, 2017 at the Milton Education Village Read the full article…

IoT Peer2Peer Planning Session

Shape the future of the Internet of Things Peer2Peer group by joining the discussion on Friday September 8, 2017 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. Use the opportunity to discuss the scope of the group and get your ideas heard!

2017 Halton Futures

Please mark your calendars and save the date to attend the 2017 Halton Futures Innovation Summit on October 17 at the Oakville Conference Centre. The advancement of technology is affecting the delivery of healthcare services and addressing complex problems with innovative solutions. Technology developers, healthcare innovators and business leaders will gather to discuss innovative opportunities for advancing the digital transformation in healthcare. Halton Region Economic Development and Haltech Regional Innovation Centre are co-presenting the summit to help position Halton Region to develop and deliver smart, data-integrated solutions for enhanced patient-centered healthcare services, support the growth of small business in this sector, and foster new partnerships and investment opportunities. Event Details: Read the full article…

Meetup #94: Start Attracting the Right Tech Talent with Re-engineered Job Postings

August 8, 2017 | 7pm – 9pm | Milton Education Village Innovation Centre, Milton September is the busiest hiring month of the year. Are your job descriptions ready to attract the right candidate? Finding the right people to hire is hard. But for many tech companies – it get’s harder because the job descriptions don’t inspire, don’t attract, and don’t convert into interested candidates. REGISTER NOW Join us on August to learn how to understand: The elements of a great job description in 2017 How to write the job description so you will attract the audience you want How candidates read job descriptions (the good the bad the ugly) What Read the full article…

Halton Region Small Business Centre and Haltech Regional Innovation Centre can now fuel your business success from the MEV Innovation Centre

Celebrations were held on Thursday, March 30 to mark the official opening of Halton Region Small Business Centre and Haltech Regional Innovation Centre offices at the MEV Innovation Centre.

The Rise of Robotics & Automation in the Supply Chain

One of the biggest challenges facing the logistics industry today is labor availability. It’s not easy for companies around the world to find enough high-quality employees to move goods from suppliers to customers. Two competing factors are making this especially difficult: The first is an increasing need for more logistics workers and this is being driven by the e-commerce revolution and its need for more parcel shipments; the second is a decline in the size of the available workforce. Up until now, robotics technology has not made a large impact in the world of logistics. Join us on January 19th at 8:00 am and learn about how this is changing Read the full article…

Venture 40+: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you, too old to hire…too young to retire, unemployed, under employed or exploring what to do in your next chapter?  Come out and join us for a free seminar Thursday evening titled, Venture 40+: Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Mike Kennedy, positive aging coach and Huffington Post blogger, will be discussing why he believes that entrepreneurial start-ups are the best option for most who find themselves in these circumstances.   There is no ageism when you are the boss Take back control of your life and career Turn the table on an underfunded retirement   Please register in advance as seating is limited.

Why employees stay

Silicon Halton recently held one of their regular monthly meetups at Milton Education Village Education Centre. The evening’s theme was What Large Tech Companies Look For In Candidates Today – Panel Q&A. Ahead of this meetup, Silicon Halton published a 5-question survey. One question was: Select the top two reasons why you remain with your current employer The primary reason employees remain with their current employer is due to the type of work they do. We surveyed 50 people (approx.) and asked them to select the top two reasons why they remain with their current employer. We learned that they find significant personal value in the type of work they Read the full article…

Don’t Knock Yourself Out Over a Business Plan

As entrepreneurs, you are constantly expected to write business plans. However, there are many successful entrepreneurs who never got around to writing one. Why? Because they were too busy actually building and running the business, or saw it as a hurdle more than something that could strengthen the company, or they were able to engage their banks or investors in other ways.  Starting a company requires action.  “The business plan simply does not provide a realistic picture of whether the proposed business will be successful.” There is an alternative approach. For every heading in a conventional business plan, it is possible to take action instead that will take the business Read the full article…

Don’t Beg – Take Control Of The Relationship With Your Bank

Let’s start with the perspective that the bank needs you as much as you need the bank. “Banks live by lending money and they are constantly in competition with other banks to win new customers.” A good place to start with respect to establishing a solid and long-lasting relationship is to understand how your bank manager thinks, feels and acts.  See the Full Article  The chart below shows examples of the questions a banker asks themselves regarding potential customers i.e. you the entrepreneur. These include such questions as: Does this investment make sense? How much capital do they really need? Can we trust the entrepreneur? Appreciating the needs or your Read the full article…