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Milton Education Village Innovation Centre

Phone: 905-636-6505


Address: 555 Industrial Dr. Milton, ON L9T 5E1

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Interested in finding out more about
us and seeing our facilities?

Phone: 905-636-6505



Address:555 Industrial Drive,
Milton Ontario L9T 5E1


The Milton Education Village (MEV) Innovation Centre is dedicated to developing an ecosystem for innovation by offering a dynamic work environment that fosters collaboration, intersection and inspiration. Targeting technology intensive companies and professional services businesses, the Innovation Centre assists entrepreneurs and the Milton community by providing collaborative space and networking opportunities; access to business services; access to entrepreneurial programming; and, linkages with Wilfrid Laurier University and other education opportunities.

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Don’t Knock Yourself Out Over a Business Plan

As entrepreneurs, you are constantly expected to write business plans. However, there are many successful entrepreneurs who never got around to writing one. Why? Because they were too busy actually building and running the business, or saw it as a hurdle more than something that could strengthen the company, or they were able to engage their banks or investors in other ways.  Starting a company requires action.  “The business plan simply does not provide a realistic picture of whether the proposed business will be successful.” There is an alternative approach. For every heading in a conventional business plan, it is possible to take action instead that will take the business Read the full article…

Don’t Beg – Take Control Of The Relationship With Your Bank

Let’s start with the perspective that the bank needs you as much as you need the bank. “Banks live by lending money and they are constantly in competition with other banks to win new customers.” A good place to start with respect to establishing a solid and long-lasting relationship is to understand how your bank manager thinks, feels and acts.  See the Full Article  The chart below shows examples of the questions a banker asks themselves regarding potential customers i.e. you the entrepreneur. These include such questions as: Does this investment make sense? How much capital do they really need? Can we trust the entrepreneur? Appreciating the needs or your Read the full article…

Not All Customers Are Created Equal – Build a Valuable Customer Portfolio

Having reached the point where you have regular customers is great, however it can also be risky. Being in a position where the customers have chosen us, rather than the other way around, may create a situation where we have the “wrong” customers. Wrong in the sense that they are not as attractive and profitable as other potential customers. So how do we find out who are the right customers for our particular business? Series of Articles published by GrowthWheel with the goal of providing inspiration and ideas that start-up and growth companies can use. The MEV Innovation Centre uses GrowthWheel as a visual tool to help companies develop, design Read the full article…